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Here are just a few testimonials from some of our previous visitors...

I was literally getting something in the mail every single day having to do with Medicare. I was so confused by it all. I tried reading through some of it, but it was all so confusing to me. I wasn't sure what to do. I knew I needed to speak to someone who could explain it all to me in simple terms and could help me choose the right plan for me. I take a lot of medication, and my representative went through my list of prescriptions and helped me find the best prescription drug plan that would save me money.

Janice T., Ocala, FL


I have coverage through my retirement plan, but it costs me over $400 each month (and I still have copays and a deductible). I met with my representative and found that I could get my own Medicare supplement and prescription drug plan for $335 per month. But now I have no copays, no deductibles and no networks to worry about. I pay my monthly premium and I have total peace of mind when it comes to my healthcare.

Bernard L., Palm Coast, FL


I had no desire to read through all that stuff I was getting in the mail for over three months straight, and it wasn't letting up. I was about to turn 65 in less than a month, and I knew I had to do something, so I contacted and I met with one of their representatives who took the time to explain exactly how Medicare works. He summarized Medicare A&B on one sheet of paper, and then showed me all of my options in a clear, concise way that was easy to understand. After his explanation, I knew exactly what coverage I needed. It was a relief to know I had made the right choice, but best of all, I didn't have to read through all that mail I had received. And even better than that, the plan I chose has no monthly premium, and it's better than the health coverage I had before I turned 65, which was costing me $468 a month. That's a huge savings for someone on a fixed income.

Elizabeth (Betty) K., Ormond Beach, FL


I am so thankful for visiting! I am retired from the US Marines, and I have TriCare for Life, but I wasn't sure what would change once I turned 65 and went onto Medicare. I had a quick phone consultation with a rep from, and he informed me that I did not need any additional coverage from a medigap plan or a medicare advantage plan or even a prescription plan. My Medicare A&B is my primary coverage and my TriCare takes care of the rest, just like a full medicare supplement would. That took a load off my mind knowing that I didn't need to worry about anything else. Now I can get back to concentrating on my golf game!

Lt. James W., III, Ret. USMC, Elkton, FL


Thanks again for all your help! I can't believe how simple you made this whole process. I had so much mail piled up, and then you came along and explained how Medicare A&B works on just one sheet of paper! It's really very simple, but you would never know it by reading all that material I received in the mail. Now I know exactly what my options are and how the medigap insurance and the Medicare Advantage plans work. Based on my health conditions, I know exactly which plan to choose, and I know it's the best fit for my needs. If I hadn't consulted with you, I don't think I would have made that choice, and it might have come back to haunt me. I really appreciate what you did for me. More people should take advantage of your expertise, and the fact that you don't even charge for your time or information is incredible.

Lynda R., Deltona, FL


I got lucky. I had been putting off reading all that paperwork I had been getting in the mail. I found myself a week away from my 65th birthday, and I knew I had to start looking at that pile of papers. In that pile was the postcard I had received from, so I figured why not give them a try. I'm glad I did. Once I received the call from them, the rest was just too easy, and I feel like now I know more about how Medicare works than most people out there who are about to turn 65 and probably even those people who are already on Medicare! I feel so confident that I made the best decision for myself and now I don't have this cloud hanging over my head anymore. I'm glad that process is over!

Dorothy D., Haines City, FL